Plant For Life Kit
  • Plant For Life Kit

    "Paying forward initiative" here would mean the ordered #PlantForLife kits will be donated to the old age home and a workshop will be conducted by Knovus Florist with them after the curcuit breaker ends.


    If you are still looking for the option to Donate Directly to Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, click HERE!  The link will send you directly to their seperate donation collection for this period


    All that is needed is in the kit! 
    4 x Small succulents 

    300g Black lava stones 

    300g Rainbow or White or Grey decorative pebbles 

    300g Coco Peat Soil Mix

    1 x Drainage Net

    1 Pair of sanitised latex black gloves 

    1 x Plant watering syringe

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